Lara Dutta not hiding her relationship with boyfriend

Bollywood actress Lara Dutta is hiding relationship with her boyfriend Manesh Bhopati from a long time but now she has stopped hiding her relation from Media and both of them are openly meeting in front of media. around a week ago when news of Affair between Lara and Manesh came in Media Lara dutt denied these news strongly and said i am not having any relation with Manesh but time has proved that Manesh is boyfriend of Lara Dutta. during Filmfare awards as well both of them very close and they given photoshoot together. Manesh Bhopati is a Tennis star and Manesh and Lara likes each other from a long time but they where not ready to accept it in front of media but now its an open secret that they are in a relation and meeting each other openly. in the past Lara Dutta was having affiar with Tajori and Deno Moria which she also tried to hide from media. a close frind of Lara has said that Lara and Manesh are very happy with each other and thinking about marriage.
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