Dia Mirza decides to open Biryani Restaurant

Bollywood Actress Dia Mirza who is famous for her innocent looks has decided to open a Biryani Restaurant after not getting much success in Bollywood Industry. Dia Mirza said in Interview that i am working hard in bollywood from several years but i am not able to get that place that i want to get. She said if my upcoming film "Hum Tum aur Ghost" not done good business i will leave Mumbai and will open a Biryani Restaurant in Hyderabad Daccan. I decided to open Biryani Restaurant long time ago but i am waiting how "Hum Tum aur Ghost"  do business.  This film is released and if it not done good business i will leave the Bollywood industry. She said i am really hurt with behavior of people here while i have not done bad with anyone ever so it hurts me really much. I worked really hard to get a good place in Bollywood but i not succeeded in that. For success in Bollywood Luck is also important with hard work while my luck was not good due to which i not get the success which i wanted here. She said i belong to Hyderabad so i have decided to open Biryani Restaurant there.
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