Shahid kapoor denies to do her Mother's film

Bollywood Superstar Shahid Kapoor is considered very close to his parents and gives them lot of time but the news it that Shahid Kapoor has denied to work in a film by her Mother Neelima Azmi. When Shahid Kapoor not agreed to work in the film of her mother she said my son is a big star to work in my film and i am looking for a new face for my film. The reason due to which Shahid refused to work in her mother's film because he not liked the script of the film however Shahid Kapoor will be working in a film of his father Pankhaj Kapoor named as Mausam. Neelima Azmi is now finding another Actor to do leading role in her film while she has connected Amrita Rao to do Female leading role in her film.
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