Asin gets offer of film from James Cameron

Bollywood Actress Asin who worked in film Ghajini has got offer of a Film from Hollywood Director James Cameron. Cameron meet Asin recently in Youth Forum today of 2010 in Canada. Aamir khan was also present on this occasion. Cameron also wants to work with Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan showed Cameron some of his films including Ghajini. After watching Ghajini Cameron was very much impressed with acting of Asin and specially met her and offer her to work in his film. Asin said Cameron has offered a film to me and it will be great honour to work with him but i will decide to work in him film after reading the script of the film which i have got. She said i have seen many films of Cameron and i will love to work with him. Now he wants to make a film in bollywood so hopefully i will be working in his film but i will take final decision after reading the script. Asin also told that i am not working on any project these days and i am free. Asin must accept the offer of Cameron because she is not getting much offers in Bollywood films and its a good chance for her to give a good film with Cameron.
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