Kangna got injured while shooting

Bollywood young actress Kangna got injured during the shooting her film "Tenu with menu" in jalandhar. She was doing a action scene by sitting on Motor Bike but suddenly she slipped from Motor Bike and got injured. Her feet was seriously injured by the incident due to which she was admitted to Hospital immediately. Doctors have advised her to take rest of at least one week because her feet is badly injured. The Producer of the film Shalish Singh has said that Kangna was doing a action scene when she got injured but hopefully she will recover very soon until then the shooting of the film is canceled by me. The Director of the film Anand Rai has said that i can,t forget the time when the Motor cycle got slipped. When Media talked to Kangna she said that i am feeling lot of pain in my leg but i am hopeful that i will recover soon and start the shooting of the film again.
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