Ranbir is a good friend Katrina Kaif

Popular Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are in news these days due to their increasing closeness and Media is presenting it as like there is something going on between them. when this question was asked by the Katrina Kaif she replied that "Ranbir is my good friend". And on question about Salman Katrina Kaif said again i don,t want to talk about my personal life. Katrina Kaif is also not ready to accept that she was bidding in IPL teams bidding against Salman Khan for another team while its a truth that Katrina was bidding for a separate team in Bidding. Katrina said i was just helping my friend Reshma Shetty who wanted to buy a IPL team. Only time will tell is everything still ok between Salman and Katrina and are Katrina and Ranbir just friends?
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