Beauty of body is not Guarantee for success: Deepika

Bollywood famous actress Deepika Padokaun has said that Beauty of body does not gives Guarantee for success and good performance is also a very important factor to get success in Film Industry. I have never given important to size zero but i try to give my attention to hard work. she said in answer to a question about size zero that Indian girls don,t need size zero and they are naturally very beautiful. Deepika also told that i control by weight by doing regular exercise and eat every type of foods because all foods have their own benefit. while talking about choosing cloths Deepika told that i always wear cloths according to my personality this is why i like whatever i wear. Deepika started her career with the film of Shahrukh khan "Om Shanti Om". the upcoming film of Deepika is Houseful while recently released film of Deepika is "Kartik Calling Kartik"
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