Katrina Kaif is not happy these days

Bollywood Popular Actress Katrina Kaif is not happy these days due to lot of negativity around her and second reason is her bad health while third reason is that there are lot of rumors going on about her personal life. due to all these reasons Katrina Kaif seems unahppy. Katrina said there is too much negativity around me and it is also effecting my health because constant negativity always effects a person. Katrina Kaif was also collapsed during the shooting of a Movie few days back. Present Condition of Katrina Kaif shows that If there is so much wealth and Fame in bollywood it has also many de-factors. Most importantly the personal life of a Actor or Actress not remains save and every single incident of personal life of a Star is showed by adding many lies in the media. anyway we hope that everything will be soon ok in life of Katrina Kaif.
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