Katrina Kaif collapsed during Shooting

Bollywood Famous Actress Katrina Kaif collapsed yesterday on 17 March during the shooting of her film "Tees Maar Khan" on sets on the film. Katrina Kaif was going to do an Important scene with Aksay Kumar of the film when suddenly she collapsed. it created major rumpus their on set of the "Tees Maar Khan". Akshay Kumar called the Doctor Immediately from Mumbai. Doctor reached their after sometime and done check up of Katrian and told that Katrina was collapsed due to less sleeping and over work. After sometime Katrina Kaif got ok but Director of the film Farah Khan called off the shooting of film for the day but Katrina said we must continue the shooting later in the day so the shooting again started later in the day. this recent incident shows that Katrina Kaif is really working hard on her films due to which she is even not able to take complete rest and sleep.
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