Shilpa's team makes comeback Preity's contine to loss in IPL

All the Indian Premier League teams have played 6 matches till now in this year's IPL. IPL teams of Shilpa Shetty Rajhastan Royals and Preity Zinta Kings 11 Punjab started poorly and lost their first few matches. Team of Shilpa Shetty' Rajhastan Royals has made a comeback after losing first three matches they have won their next three matches and now they are on no. 4 on Point table but the team of Preity Zinta Kings 11 Punjab continue to perform poorly. They have played 6 matches till now and won only one against Chennai Super Kings in Super over. The team of another Bollywood Star Shahrukh Khan Kolkata Knight Riders is giving mix performance. They won first two matches then lost 3 matches and today they won the match against Kings 11 Punjab.
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