Neil Mukesh and Asin comes closer

According to Indian Media news Bollywood Actor and Neil Nitin and Actress Asin have come closer to each other and they are seen together on many places like Restaurant and Entertainment places. Neil Mukesh has said taht Asin is a good actress and good friend of mine but it don,t mean that people start given wrong colors to our relation. Me and Asin went to some Entertainment places a few times due to which media has started spreading Rumors about us. Neil said i don,t like this thing of media that they starts giving wrong image to anything relating to us. I have not find my Love yet and i am very unlucky in case of Love. He said i do Photography in free time and love to read historic books and i always fulfill my promises. He said Indian Public wants such films that contains good music, Comedy, Action and emotions and if a film don,t contains such films it flops. He said in bollwood no actor likes success of other actor and gives statements against other to remain in news.
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