Tension between Arshad Warsi and his wife

Bollywood Actor Arshad Warsi who is also famous as Circuit for his role in Munna Bhaai MBBS is having tensions with his wife these days due to news of his affair with Actress Dia Mirza. Arshad Warsi has accepted that his Marriage is under pressure these days.Things are not good in home of Arshad and he is having dispute with his wife Maria and another problem is that he is also not able to give much time to his family due to his busy schedule these days. Arshad Warsi is busy in shooting of this different films these days so remains out of home most of time. The news of his affair with Dia mirza has just added fuel to fire and increased tensions between Arshad and Maria. Arshad Warsi has done many Comedy roles which where loved by People but now he is doing serious roles like he did in Ishqiya. In his upcoming film "Hum Tum aur Ghost" also he is doing serious role.
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