Never used Shahrukh for success: Arjun Rampal

Bollywood Actor Arjun Rampal who worked in films like "Dil Ka Rishta" and "Vada" has said that i have never used Shahrukh Khan for my success in Bollywood. Arjun told in an interview that Shahrukh is a very close friend of mine and i also take his advices but i have never took his help or used his name to get success in the Film Industry. He said that whenever i need advises i take from Shahrukh because he is one of my best friend and i don,t feel problem in discussing things with him but i take most of my decisions myself. Arjun said that i have tried very hard and done lots of patience to get the success and making my own image in bollywood however i faced lots of problems in understanding the Film industry because i am not from Filmi background. Arjun said that today i have got the success due to which i am very happy. i was not hopping a National award but when i got it there was no limit of my happiness. These days Arjun is doing shooting of fim Rajneeti is which Katrina Kaif is working as well.
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