Sania Mirza getting married on 11 April with Shoaib Malik

This news came out first of all yesterday on a Pakistani News channel that Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza and Pakistan Cricket Team former Captain Shoaib Malik are engaged and going to marriage soon. This news shocked lot of people and many where not able to accept it but after some hours Sania and Shoaib both said on their Twitter accounts that the news is true and they are going to married. today Sania Mirza and her father talked to Media and said that marriage is going to take place of 11th of April next month and after marriage we will be living in Dubai. Shoaib Malik also talked to media today and said i am really happy on my marriage with Sania. Public of Pakistan and India is really happy on the news of this marriage and this news is the top story of Pakistani media. Family of Sania mirza has got Pakistani visa and they will soon coming to Pakistan while Shoaib and his family will go to India on 6th April.
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