Don,t have Money to Buy IPL team: Sunil Shetty

Bollywood Action hero Sunil Shetty has said that i don,t have money to buy an Indian Premier League team. He was giving a Interview on TV Channel in which he told that i give much of my time to Business, Hockey and Family due to which i don,t have time for IPL. He said IPL has effected Bollywood films and Films can,t do good business due to IPL so Films are postponed. Sunil Shetty said i consider myself a successful businessman as compare a successful Actor and i give my first priority to my business. He also told that i have created Fitness centers in many cities of India and i also give much importance to my fitness. on question of becoming brand Ambassador for Hockey Sunil Shetty said many people criticize me that i am not doing anything for Hockey while the reality is that one person cannot change the whole system. Hockey Federation and Hockey Players don,t have good relations due to which our Hockey is suffering.
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