Salman Khan's Writing Skills are not good

English Writing Skills of Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan are not very good. This truth came out when Salman Khan started using Social Networking website Twitter Last week. Salman Khan written Tweets on Twitter in very bad style and many of his messages where not understand by many of the readers. one person even said to Salman Khan that Fake Salman Khan was better on Twitter because at least his English was understandable. Following is one of the Tweet Salman Khan wrote on Twitter "Frnd. Stabs u in the bak 1s let it go,twice let it go but 3rd time u wld b a fool if u turn your bak to him . I got a tweet n he wanted 2kno" from it you can understand how Salman Writes. However Salman Khan has hot lot of Followers on Twitter within few days of joining the Twitter which show that he has a large fan following. Salman Khan got over 50000 Followers in just 7 days which even Shahrukh Khan was not able to get in 7 days.
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