Bollywood Actors becoming famous in Hollywood: Shahrukh

Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan has said that Bollywood Actors are becoming very famous in Hollywood. He said in an Interview that Good work is done in Bollywood due to which our Actors are even getting Popular in Hollywood. He said New Actors are working very well and Films that are made are also on good topic due to which our films are liked all around the World. He said now good Technology is used in bollywood films and Fresh Faces are also working very well due to which our films are liked in India and outside India. He said due to Internet and TV the knowledge of Filmmakers is increased very much and they are making such films that are watched all around the Globe. He said the films that are made in Bollywood now are of International issues due to which everyone watches them. It is good that now our films are also dubbed in English so People of US and West can also watch them.
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