Katrina denies to work with Priyanka in Khamosi

Bollywood Popular Actress Katrina Kaif has denied to work with Actress Priyanka Chopra in the film named "Khamosi". For the film "Khamosi" Katrina was casted in leading role opposite to Ranbir Kapoor but she was not told by the producer of the fim that Priyanka is also doing an very important role in the film and when she came to knew it she as really unhappy and took decision of not working in the film. The reality is that Katrina Kaif is not very happy with increasing Popularity of Actress Priyanka Chopra due to which she has decided not work with her. A close friend of Katrina has also confirmed that she has denied to work in the film due to Priyanka. Friend of Katrina said that Katrina wants to do a solo role and with inclusion of Priyanka in the film Katrina's importance is decreased so she don,t want to work in this film. Katrina said if more bif actresses are included in a film with Heroine her importance is reduced.
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