Katrina to help poor Kids

Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif has decided to help Poor Kids. Katrina Kaif  has a very soft heart and recently she went to a village of Tamil Nedu after getting time from her shooting to help the needy kids. Katrina given food, toys, fruits and other important things to Kids. Katrina also announced to make a Little Darling Center for those kids. Katrina was told by her mother that health conditions are very bad in that Village due to which several kids dies and they is no center for the help of poor people. Due to this Katrina decided to help those Kids and made Little Darling center for the Kids. Katrina has also decided to make such center in Mumbai soon. Katrina said i get lot of peace by doing welfare works and my Mother also runs a Trust. She said there is lot of poverty in India so its much important to do welfare works to help poor people.
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