Free Eye Camp for old People by Salman Khan

Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan who always takes interest in Welfare activities and also running a NGO organized a free eye camp for old and poor people last week. Salman Khan is doing shooting of his film "Dabaang" these days in Wai and he also gifted Cycles to more than 100 Kids in  Wai. After getting from the shooting Salman Khan organized the Free Eye camp for old People in Wai. Many other stars who are also working in the Dabaan where also present in Free eye camp. Many old People came to eye camp to show their eyes and the Patients who needed eyes operation Salman Khan also promised for their Eyes operation for free. Salman Khan will pay all the charges for the operations of these patients. Salman Khan is very famous for his Welfare works but he remains under criticism for fighting and Scandals with Actresses in Media. Now with recent Welfare works Salman Khan has got some positive image in the media.
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