Hrithik Farhan and Abhay to Learn Spanish

Bollywood Actors Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol are planning to learn Spanish Language. The reason they are going to learn Spanish is for their next film "The Bulls Running With" in which they have to speak Spanish. This film is of Zoya Akhtar. Not only the name of this film is different but you will also find the Stars using different languages in this film. Hrithik Farhan and Abhay are going to do important role in the film "The Bulls Running With" whose story is going to be very different from Routine films. The most of the shooting of the film will be done in the Spain. Zoya Akhtar is working hard on her film Projects and this film of her is also going to be a good one. Zoya told this film is about three friends who goes to Spain where they needed to speak Spanish to talk to common people this why Hrithik Farhan and Abhay are learning the Spanish.
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