Loneliness effecting Health of Katrina Kaif

Bollywood Beautiful Actress Katrina Kaif is alone these days and this Loneliness is really effecting her health as well. Although her Boyfriend Salman Khan is in the city but she is feeling Loneliness because non from her family is with her these days. Katrina told in interview that she is missing her family very much in Mumbai. The problem is that Mother of Katrina can,t live with her in Mumbai because she is busy in Tamil Nadu while her sister Isabelle is busy in her studies in US. Father of Katrina is in UK so no one from her family is with her which is effecting her health as well. Katrina said i am really missing my family alone in Mumbai and whenever i enter my house i think about my family. Those days are always in mind when we where together enjoying the life. Katrina also revealed that she loves the food made by her mother.
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