Aamir will be hosting Crorepati 4

I have just got this latest news that Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan will be hosting the Fourth session of famous TV Show "Kaun Bane ga Crorepati". "Kaun Bane ga Crorepati" is a program in which people wins money by answering the questions. Three sessions of "Kaun Bane ga Crorepati" has already taken place in the past. First two sessions where hosted by Big Amitabh Bachan while third session was hosted by Shahrukh khan and now Aamir Khan is going to host fourth session of "Kaun Bane ga Crorepati". However Aamir has not yet confirmed that whether he is going to host the Show or not? Lets hope that Aamir will be hosting the "Kaun Bane ga Crorepati" soon.
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