Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padokone to work Together in Khamosi

Bollywood Actor Ranbir Kapoor and Actress Deepika Padkone and Ex-Lovers are going to work together again in a film names Khamosi. This film is of Filmmaker Anurag Basu. Anurag Basu said about it that Ranbir and Deepika are a perfect Pair for working in this film. Ranbir and Kapoor Broken up last year after the shooting of their film "Bachna Aay Haseeno" but now both of them has decided to work together as professionals. Ranbir Kapoor is doing an important role in the film Khamosi while Priyanka Chopra will also work in this film. Priyanka Chopra was chosen for the film after Katrina Kaif denied to work in it. Anurag Basu said that i am happy that Ranbir and Deepika are ready to work together in the film inspire of their differences and both the Stars want to keep their personal life away from Career which is a good thing.
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