Sanjay Dutt Gifts House to Manyata on Birthday

Bollywood Superstar Sanjay Dutt who keeps on giving expensive gifts to his beloved wife Manyata Shaikh has once given an amazing Gift of her. Sanjay Dutt has gifted a Expensive house to Mayata on her birthday. These days Sanjay is in South Africa where he is selecting the locations for his film Rascals and his wife Manyata is also with him in South Africa. Sanjay Said i care a lot for Manyata and we mostly remain together. He said i organized a Ceremony here in South Africa to celebrate her 32th Birthday. He said i ordered a special cake on her birthday and we also danced in the Ceremony. Many Friends and Business Partners of Sanjay Dutt where also present in the Birthday Party.  Sanjay also told that when i gifted a house in Bandra to Manyata on her birthday she was really amazed. He said she was not hopping that i will gift her such a expensive house. Sanjay Dutt also showed his wish to become Father soon.
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