Premier of Peepli Live Will Take Place in Melbourne Festival

These days Aamir Khan's Home Production film "Peepli Live" is in news because time of its release is coming near. Aamir Khan is using different ways to Promote his film and appearing himself in Promo of the Film because there is no big star working in this film. The Premier of "Peepli Live" Will Take Place in Melbourne Festival. This film will be presented in the Category of "Not Quite Bollywood" and Premiers of four others films will also be presented with it. Aamir Khan told media that i am happy that Premier of my film is taking Place in Melbourne Festival and it is is a special Category. No Big names except Naseer ud Deen Shah are included in the cast of this film and it is made under home production of Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan said i had worked really hard on this film as well like my past films and i am very hopeful that public will love it. While talking about his Nephew Imran Khan he said Imran is works really hard and is a good actor due to which he has got success in Bollywood.
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