Aamir Uses Unique Ways to Promote "Peepli Live"

Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan who is also known as Mr Perfect always uses very unique and different ways to Promote his films. These Unique ways of Promoting his films has always remained successful and his Movies gets great success. During the Promotion of his film Ghajni Aamir Khan made Hair Cuts of people like he has in the film and also put the Statues of Ghajini in front of Cinemas. Now the upcoming film of Aamir Khan that is made under his Home Production is "Peepli Live" and he is also using Unique ways to Promote this film. Although the story of "Peepli Live" is very serious but Promo of the films are Comedy. There is no Superstar that has worked in this film so Aamir himself is showed in Promo of the film. Aamir is shown selling different things like Bags, Biscuits, Chips in the promo of the film.Aamir Khan has also joined the famous Social networking website Twitter recently and he is also using it to promote his film.
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