Ranbir and Imran Turns Enemies

We know about the the fights between many top Bollywood Stars specially between Bollywood Khans but now Young Bollywood Stars are also engaging into fights. According to Indian Media News Two Great Young Bollywood Superstars Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor has stopped talking to each other. Until Few months ago these to stars where very close friends and people use to give examples of their friendship but they have turned into enemies of each other now. When Ranbir's film Rajneeti was launched Girlfriend of Imran Avantika criticized Ranbir's acting in the film and now Ranbir has criticized Imran's acting in his latest film "I Hate Love Stories". According to Sources both the stars have stopped talking to each other and also stopped to participating in Ceremonies of each other. Ranbir also not went to Premier of Aamir Khan's film Peepli Live who is Uncle of Imran Khan. We Keep on listening about Cold Wars between old Bollywood Stars but this is perhaps first time we are listening about fight of two young Bollywood Stars.
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