Aamir Joins Twitter Kareena Opens Personal Website

After Lot of Bollywood Superstars and Sportsmen finally Mr Perfect Aamir Khan has also joined the famous Social Networking website Twitter Yesterday. few days ago Amitabh Bachan asked Aamir Khan to join Twitter and Aamir promised him to join the twitter so finally yesterday Aamir fulfilled him promise and joined the twitter. Aamir Khan got more than 20000 Followers on the first day on Twitter. Aamir Khan first of all thanked Amitabh Bachan in his tweet for asking him to join Twitter. After that Aamir wrote the Tweet "Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Love. Aamir".  another big news i want to share in this post is that famous actress Kareena Kapoor has launched her personal website yesterday. Kareena don,t like to join Twitter just like her Boyfriend Saif Ali Khan so she decided to open her own website instead of joining the Twitter. The URL of her website is www.kareenakapoor.me. Kareena Kapoor has said that she will remain in touch with her fans on this website.
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