Aamir Get offer to Work in Dhoom 3

Mr Perfect of Bollywood Aamir Khan whose demand in Bollywood Industry is very high these days due to his great success in Bollywood industry over the years has got offer of another big Bollywood film. This time he has got offered by Yash Chopra to work in Sequel of Dhoom Movie the Dhoom 3.  Few days ago Aamir given a party to Hollywood Music Composer Gustavo where Yash Chopra was also present. in this party Yash discussed with Aamir on script of Dhoom 3 and offered him to work in this film. Yash given the script of the film to Aamir and told him that i want to cast you in Dhoom 3 with Abhishek and Hrithik. Aamir was really happy to get this offer of Yash Chopra. However he not given any answer about working in this movie because he is very busy these days in other projects. Aamir's home production film "Peepli Live" will release in month of August after which he will be able to give any answer to Yash Chopra about working in Dhoom 3. Aamir will also read the script of this film and then will reply.
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