Salman Is Unhappy With Double Standards of Media

Bollywood Bad Boy Salman Khan who is often Criticized by Indian Media has said that i am really unhappy with the Double Standards of Media.  He said Indian Media has always treated me badly and they always Portrays my bad image which is not even closer to truth.  Salman said i know there are good people in media as well and they also promote me also but i often see wrong news about me in Media which has effected my image.  Salman said in the interview with a News TV that whenever a New Actor or Actress works with me he comes with this percaption in his mind that i am bad but as he spends sometime with me his thinking about me changes.  Salman said Asin, Zarine and Sonakshi all considered me a bad person before but after working with me they consider me a very good person.  Recently TV Show Big Boss 4 has also started which is hosted by Salman Khan and it is also getting lot of appreciation by Public.
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