Ranbir and Imran To Come Together in "Coffee With Karan 3"

Just few days ago we informed you that Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padokune that where enemy of each other will be appearing together soon in "Coffee With Karan 3". It was Karan Johar who made both the actresses ready to come together in his show and now we have another big news for you. Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan will also be appearing together in a Episode of "Coffee With Karan 3". There where also tension between Ranbir and Imran but both of them have got ready to appear in  "Coffee With Karan 3" on request of Karan Johar. Things between Ranbir and Imran where not good from start of this year. Why also heard Some Statements by Girlfriend of Imran Khan against Ranbir Kapoor. Imran Khan has also close friendship with Ex-Girlfriend of Ranbir Deepika Padokone.  But the magic of Karan Johar has worked once again and both Ranbir and Imran have got ready to appear in his show together. Karan Johar is a person who has not a single enemy in Bollywood and he has good relations with everyone in the Industry.
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