I Was Treated Well in Hollywood: Mallika Sherawat

Bollywood Popular Actress Mallika Sherawat who is famous for her bold scenes and also started her career by doing a bold scene in movie Murder has said that i was treated very well in the Hollywood Film Industry.  She said i have got offers of several movies in Hollywood and i have also signed some projects. New Film of Mallika Sherawat Hisss is also about to release in next few days this is the reason she is very busy these days in promotion of this film.  Mallika Sherawat is using different methods to promote the hiss. While talking with media she said my movie Hisss is releasing on 22th October and i am hopeful to get a good response to this movie from public.  Hiss is a unique movie of Mallika's Career and she has never done this type of movie before in past.  just two days are now left in release of Hisss lets see how much success this movie gets?
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