Knockout of Sanjay Dutt Flopped on Box Office

Just Couple of days ago we shared media talk of Bollywood Superstar Sanjay Dutt with you in which he showed his hope for the success of his latest movie "Knockout". Sanjay Dutt said in that Media talk that "Knockout" has a unique story and Public will like it but these Claims of Sanjay are proved just a few days later as his movie "Knockout" has badly flopped on Indian Box office because most of the people not taken interest in watching it.  "Knockout" was able to business of just few Million Rupees in first three days of its release. Most of  Cinema sets remain empty when this movie was showed.  Producer of this movie Sohali Maklai who is also a close friend of Sanjay is really sad on the failure of his movie.  He said i don,t where we done the mistake that this movie badly flopped on box office. in short we can say that Sanjay Dutt is Knocked out due to his film "Knockout".
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