Deepika and Sonam Become Friends

Big News From Bollywood Industry Today is that two Ex-Girlfriends of Ranbir Kapoor that are Deepika Padokone and Sonam Kapoor have became friends and they will also appear together in Coffee With Karan 3. There was a cold war between Deepika and Sonam from a long time and they where not ready to appear in any show nor they where ready to work together in a film. According to sources it is Karan Johar who has settled the things between both actresses and he has also invited them on Coffee With Karan 3. it will not be wrong if we say that Karan has made Impossible to be Possible. Karan has god relations with both Deepika and Sonam due to which he has managed to bring them together It will be really interesting to see  when Deepika and Sonam will appear together in Coffee With Karan 3 soon.
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