Priyanka Refuses to Do Bold Scene

Popular Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra   is busy in shooting of several movies and on top of these movies is Saath Khoon Maaf in which she is doing a unique type of role and she has seven husbands in the movie. She will also take different looks in the movie. Recently when Priyanka was asked to do a Bold scene during the shooting of Saath Khoon Maaf with Anu Kapoor she refused to do it.  When Priyanak was asked the reason for refusing she said Anu Kapoor is a very senior Actor than me this is why i can,t do bold scene with him.  In the movie Anu Kapoor has became husband of Priyanka and she will also murder Anu in the movie.  Priyanka said Saath Khoon Maaf has a very unique story and fans will be really amazed to see it.  Saath Khoon Maaf will release in start of 2011 and Senior Actor Naseeruddin Shah is also acting in this movie.
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