I Can,t Do a Romantic Film With Kareena: Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood Popular Young Actor Ranbir Kapoor has said that i want to work in movies with my cousin Kareena Kapoor but i can,t do a Romantic role with her.  Ranbir said in Media talk that me and Kareena both wants to work together but both of us can,t do romantic role with each other while these days most of  Bollywood films are romantic.  Ranbir said my Kareena Kareena is getting lot of success in Bollywood on which i am really happy and i also wish to work with her in movies.  Ranbir said Kareena is a very good actress who do justice with her roles this is why i also want to work with her but i also care for our relation this is why i want to  work with her in a film that is not Romantic.  In the past Kareena also showed her wish to work with Ranbir but she also refused to do Romantic role with him.  Ranbir Kapoor also has a strong wish to work with Madhuri Dixit in which he has not succeeded yet.
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