Shahrukh Khan To Do Show In London In September

Pakistan is been hit by the Worst Ever floods in its 63 Years old history. By Recent Floods in Pakistan Millions of People are displaces while Millions have lost their Homes. Thousand of People also lost their lives in these Worst Floods. International and National Help is slowly coming for Flood Victims. Many Celebrities of the World have also donated Money for Pakistan Flood Victims in which on top is Angelina Jolie. Now Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan has also decided to do a Show in London whose Money will be donated to Pakistani Flood Victims. This Show will be done September by Shahrukh in London. Shahrukh Khan's Father Was From Peshawar that is Capital of Pakistani Province Pakhtunkhwa. This Province is hit the most by the floods due to which Shahrukh Khan is really upset. Shahrukh Khan is also thinking to donate money from himself for Flood Victims.
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