Me and Katrina Are Still in Love: Salman Khan

From Almost last Four Weeks are Listening that Everything between Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan and Famous Actress Katrina Kaif has ended and both are no more in a relation now. These Rumors got even more stronger when during a Press Conference Katrina Kaif said that i am single. But Now The Bollywood Bad Boy Salman Khan has claimed that he and Katrina are still together and we are in Love. Salman Khan claimed this on his Twitter Account on Sunday. When Salman Khan was asked that if you are still in Love with each other then why Katrina said in the Press Conference that I am Single? Salman Said in reply to this question that actually i told Katrina to say i am single when someone asks her about it.  Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan about these two people sometimes we hear that they are together and next day we hear that they have separated their ways but what is truth only God Knows?
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