Aamir Khan Promotes "Peepli Live" in New York

Bollywood Superstar Aamir khan whose next Home Production film Peepli Live is Releasing soon and Aamir is working hard to promote his film. Aamir Khan is visiting different Countries to promote his film. First He went to London to promote his film where he also done Dinner with Shahrukh khan and now Aamir has reached the US City New York For Promotion of "Peepli Live". While talking about the story of "Peepli Live" in New York Aamir Khan said that it is a unique and different type of story in which no Superstar is working. He said in this film a Serious problem in criticized in a funny way. He said i am very hopeful that it will change the thinking of the people. Aamir said no Superstar is working the film but all the Actors of this film and acted very well. Aamir also told that he is working on several projects at present like "Dhobi Ghat" and "Delhi Bale".
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