Demand of Hrithik Abhishek Goes Down In Bollywood

Demand of two amazing Bollywood Superstars that also given many hit films in past Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachan are no more in Demand in Bollywood because they have given many Flop films in recent months. Films of of Hrithik and Abhishek are have got failed on Box office due to which no one is ready to cast them.  Kites of Hrithik  and Raavan of Abhishek where badly failed on Box office few months back. When Abhishek Bachan was asked about it he said although my film Raavan has failed on Box office but i don,t mean that my Career in Bollywood is ended. He said at present i am working on some projects and i am hopeful that my upcoming films will get success on Box office. He said my next film is Game that is a very unique story and i hope that it will get popular in Public.  on other hand Hrithik Roshan also has same types of hopes like Abhishek that his upcoming films will get success. Hrithik said many big Bollywood Stars have gone through same type of situation but they got success later on.
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