Preity Zinta Will Ring The Stock Exchange Bell

Bollywood Actress Preity Zinta that is staying away from Showbiz Activities these days and giving time to her Business has been invited in New York Stock Exchange for Ringing its Bell. Work in New York Stock Exchange always starts after its Bell in Rung so Preity Zinta has also been invited to rung its bell for a day.  Preity Zinta told about it that i have been Invited to New York Stock Exchange for Ringing the Bell that is a very big honour for me.Before Preity The Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan and Kajor where invited to Rung the New York Stock Exchange Bell When they where in US For promoting the My Name Is Khan. Preity Takes lot of Interest in Business and she is also has her own Business due to which she is invited for Ringing Stock Exchange Bell. Preity also told that she will soon return to Bollywood and will show good performance like past.
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