Ajay Is Unhappy with Kajol Role "We Are Family"

Bollywood Action Hero Ajay Devgan who is also husband of actress Kajol has said that Karan Johar not given good role to Kajol according to her talent in his film "We Are Family". "We Are Family" is upcoming Film of Karan Johar in which Kareena Kapoor, Kajol and Arjun Rampal has worked. Ajy Devgan feels that Karan not given role to Kajol according to her talent and  Preferred Kareena on Kajol by giving her a Powerful role in the film.  Ajay said i have seen the Promos of this Film and Kajol's acting has not impressed me much in it. He said Kajol is also not given importance in Promotion of the film which i don,t like. He said Kajol is a Senior and Number one Actress of Bollywood so she should be promoted more than Kareena. Ajay said Kareena is also a good actress and good friend of mine but what role Kajol is given in this film as compared to Kareena is really unjustified.
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