Sonam Refuses to work with Deepika

Two Former Girlfriends of  Bollywood Superstar Ranbir Kapoor Deepika Padokone and Sonam Kapoor are still big enemies of each other although Ranbir has left them both. First Ranbir Kapoor left Sonam Kapoor for Deepika due to which Sonam started hating Deepika and later on Ranbir also left Deepika. Ranbir is gone from lives of both the actresses but they are still against each other. Recently Sonam Kapoor refused the offer of a film in which Deepika will also work. Famous Filmmaker Rohit Dhawan offered Sonam and Deepika to work in his film but Sonam refused to work with Deepika. According to sources Ranbir Kapoor is indeed the reason due to which Sonam has refused to work with Deepika. When Sonam was asked about it she refused to tell the reason that why she don,t want to work with Deepika? She also said that i don,t want any dispute with Deepika.
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