Shahrukh will learn Belly Dance like Shakira

Bollywood Superstar and King Shahrukh Khan told a Secret in a interview that he is fan of famous Colombian Singer Shkira's Belly Dance and also wants to learn Belly Dance like Shakira. A close friend of Shahrukh advised Shahrukh to learn Belly Dance which Shahrukh accepted. A Trainer of Shahrukh khan also said that Shahrukh Khan likes Belly dance and it is a good way to keep yourself fit so i have advised him to learn Belly dance. Now Shahrukh Khan has decided to learn Belly Dance from a Turk Dancer very soon. Shahrukh aKhan is a big fan of Shakira's Belly dance and wants to do Belly dance like her. These days Shahrukh is very much busy in shooting of his big budget film Ra 1 so after completing its shooting he will be learning the Belly Dance. Whatever Shahrukh Khan has done till now he has done it best so hopefully he will also be performing belly dance in a very nice way after learning.
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