I Consider Myself of 20 Years: Priyanka Chopra

Its a Fact That Every Girl Wants To Remain Young Forever and Girls also tries to tell less age instead of their real age to others.  Bollywood Famous Actress Priyanka Chopra is 28 Years old but recently in a Interview she said that i consider myself of 20 years.  Priyanka said Age is only a Number and we should not give much importance to it. On Question of Marriage Priyanka said i have no plans of Marriage in next few years and i am giving more importance to my career at present.  She said its true that every Girl have to marry One day and Parents also wants their Daughters to get married but my day of marriage has not came yet. Priyanka said i am in a Field where i have to work with different Actors and Media makes your Scandal with every Actor with whom you work.
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