Dolly Bindra To Comeback In Bigg Boss 4

Dolly Bindra got great popularity by her acts in Bigg Boss 4 Show. Dolly Bindra fought, abused and disrespected many contestants of the Bigg Boss 4 and this was the reason due to which she become popular.  But now there is news that Dolly Bindra maybe coming back to Bigg Boss 4 once again and if it happens it will be a wield card entry.  The Production House of Bigg Boss 4 is already thinking about Dolly Bindra comeback in the show. The reason for this is that from the day she has left the show the charm and excitement of the show has reduced.  on other hand Dolly has made it clear that if she is brought back in the show she will not change her behaviour.   Bigg Boss Production may take votes of public about return of Dolly and if they gets votes in favour of her return then we can hope to see Dolly again in the show
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