Kareena Kapoor Celebrated 30th Birth Day

One of the most popular actress of Bollywood Film Industry Kareena Kapoor Turned 30 Yesterday as she Celebrated her 30th Birthday yesterday on 21th September 2010. Kareena Kapoor and her Boyfriend Saif Ali Khan both where very busy on their Film Projects due to which no Special Celebration taken place on birthday of Kareena and they spent the day working.  At Present Kareena Is very much busy as she is working in three films at same type and many Commercials as well due to which she got no time to Celebrate Birthday. On other hand her Boyfriend Saif Ali Khan was also busy in shooting of his film. However Saif taken Kareena to a dinner in the evening on her birthday.  Kareena's sister Karishma and her mother where also not able to meet her on her birthday.
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