Ajay & Kajol Becomes Parents of Boy Baby

Two Greats Stars of Bollywood Film Industry Kajol and Ajay Devgan where got married in 1999 and till now they had a Daughter. But on Sunday Kajol and Ajay have also become Parents of a Boy Baby. A Beautiful Son has born to Kajol and Ajay. Before this they have a daughter named Nayasa. Ajay and Kajol where already very happy with a daughter but their family have completed after birth of a Son.  Ajay and Kajol seems really happy on birth of a son. Ajay was doing shooting of his film in Goa when he came to know about birth of his son and reached Mumbai Immediately after listening about it.  Ajay said while talking with media that my family is complete after birth of son.  Different Bollywood Stars Like Shahrukh Khan, Dia Mirza, Amitabh Bachan,  Karan Johar also congratulated Ajay and Kajol on birth of their son. Shahrukh Khan Congratulated first of all Ajay and Kajol on Twitter.
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