Madhuri Dixit Demands 5 Crore Rs For a Film

Those days are gone when Madhuri Dixit was considered top actress of Bollywood and her demand was more than any other actress in the Industry. As the Madhuri has grown old her demand in Industry has reduced. Some people are even telling him to play role of Mother in a movie if she gets it.  But Madhuri looks in a different mood as she has increased her demand to work in any film. She is now demanding 5 Crore Indian Rupees for a movie.

Although 5 Crore is nothing as compare to what Katrina, Kareena, Priyanka takes for working in any film but Madhuri must also remember that she has grown old now so she might face problem in getting a film in 5 Crore. Only time will tell whether Madhuri gets any offer in 5 Crore Rupees or not?
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